Best Android Battery Saver App in 2018

Having a strong battery backup support in an Android gadget is a must. Particularly with the low-cost internet, the usability of Smartphones has increased manifold. Therefore, the battery backup should be supported better for longer usage hours. In case your battery gets drained faster and takes much time in getting charged, we have brought the […]

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Motherboard Types and Components Explained

Since the time you were familiar with your PC components, you must have been curious about why the motherboard is called so? Not only your PC and laptop but also your phones and tablets consist of a motherboard. But what is it exactly? In simpler words, a circuit board which acts as the source of […]

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How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription

Besides donation, Amazon streaming services provide subscriptions to get popularized and gain more user support. Twitch provides you an option of prime subscription that gives you the advantage of unlimited streaming, ad-free viewing experience, access to twitch chat rooms, badges and new emotes With just$4.99, you can unlock amazing streaming services. Maximum of the twitch […]

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Security Camera Buying Guide – Things You Should Know

Video surveillance is a worthwhile option for both homes as well as workplace protection. The importance of security camera is increasing with the advent of every new day. According to previous records, the installation frequency of video surveillance camera has increased up to 10 times. It is used for recording vandalization, criminal records and tracking […]

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