Security Camera Buying Guide – Things You Should Know

Security Camera Buying Guide

Video surveillance is a worthwhile option for both homes as well as workplace protection. The importance of security camera is increasing with the advent of every new day. According to previous records, the installation frequency of video surveillance camera has increased up to 10 times. It is used for recording vandalization, criminal records and tracking any undesired activity taking place on the premises. Many people also consider spy camera. You can find various types of spy camera at thehomesecuritysuperstore.

The cameras are highly useful in discouraging any kind of criminal activities with 360-degree viewing angles. The video recording feature of a security camera helps to keep the individuals secured within as well as outside the premises. The instances of vehicle robbery, employee abuse, and harassment have reduced considerably with the installation of surveillance camera monitoring system outside the commercial and residential premises.

Let us consider the important camera buying guide parameters –

What to look for when buying a home security camera system – Security Camera Buying Guide

1. Coverage capacity:

Surveillance camera provides consistent monitoring of a particular place. They are installed according to the area space that is required to be covered in camera monitoring. Suppose if your office premises are not large enough, normal Celluloid based surveillance camera would be a good option. On the other hand, if you are choosing to install a surveillance camera outside the premises, it should cover up a wide range of angle along with giving a clearer picture of faraway activities.

2. Keep your home safe:

You cannot afford to remain at a particular place all the time to keep your property and belongings protected. At some of the other point of time, we all have to leave our home and work. To keep everything absolutely safe and ensure that you are productively working outside, the security camera helps to keep a constant eye show video recording feature. It manages its workability according to the light availability and communicates any suspicious activities immediately.

3. Go for Wi-Fi Camera:

Choosing a networked security camera can further help you to keep away the potential threats. Terrace and business owners do remain constantly connected with the camera through computer/ laptop. Forget about Closed circuit TV system and cable to make the camera work. The Wi-Fi camera gets connected through an internet connection and shows live streaming on your digital device. Imagine watching your baby sleeping peacefully while you are at your workplace. Doesn’t it sound relaxing?

4. Entry level security cameras:

An affordable security camera is categorized into entry-level categories. You have to get connected with a wireless home network and view multiple areas on your mobile phone. They are comparatively affordable and require limited settings to enjoy their security features.

5. Professional security camera:

These are slightly expensive and require Monthly pay off to provide next level security to your home. Since they are embedded with sensor systems and alarms, you have to allocate a particular budget to manage them. They can be wired or wireless depending upon the connectivity ones chooses. Also, they are capacitated to access control systems and come up with alarm system to keep the users informed

6. Wireless camera:

The world is going wireless with the internet Bluetooth and hotspot connectivity options. The option of wireless security camera is always cost-effective, more manageable and flexible. The greater efficiency and ease of manageability reduces the cost of wiring. It requires less accessories and tools which form another reason to save the overall installation cost. The portable wireless camera can be installed literally at any place of your premises. However, you might be required to compromise A bit on picture level and pixel density.

7. Video quality:

A minimum of 720 / 1080 pixel density is required for having clearer and sharper video recording capabilities and viewing capacity. High definition security camera is particularly worthwhile to find out any mishaps or undesired activities taking place. Until and unless the picture view is clear, it becomes difficult to track anything through the recorded video. Therefore, the best is to go for HD Wi-Fi cameras that have higher bandwidth folder and allow you to adjust overall resolution.

8. Night vision:

Every premise requires more security outside than the inside area. Having a constant watch on preying eyes keeps your property and vehicles safe. However, it should be functional enough to work in low or no light area. The infrared Technology gives a clearer view of everything. Any camera that has been installed outside the premises should be properly protected against adverse weather conditions and dust. Several camera options are available that come with weather resistant design. They are indeed a perfect fit for outdoor monitoring.

9. Remote viewing:

With 3D / 4G / Wi-Fi connection, you can get a live feed through the installed security camera on your tablet or smartphone. The camera works through the mobile application on both IOS and Android-based devices. Keeping an eye on your pets, kids and possessions is no more impossible when you are away.

Motion detection: the reliable motion detection technique records every move in low light and standard conditions. Each piece of information is displayed on your laptop to the connected camera footage.

Video security cameras that come with a motion sensor, video recording, wireless connectivity, and affordability are ideal ones. The video surveillance cameras are much popular as they allow editing the saved images and videos along with eliminating the management of videotapes. A small embedded chip is enough to record videos and undertakes phenomenal security procedure.

If you need a security camera then you can buy from popular brand Ring, Nest, Arlo. Recently I upgraded my arlo camera. I had their first generation model arlo. Recently I bought arlo pro, if you are wondering why I upgrade my camera then you can read a guide by Times Digit arlo vs arlo pro here. I hope you have found this post about security camera buying guide helpful. If you still want to learn more then you can read this guide to buy a home security cameras by Cnet.

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