How to Pick a CPU Cooler For Your PC?

Pick a CPU Cooler For Your PC

Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the main part of your computer. To enhance the workability of the system and get the best performance, you need to make sure that it doesn’t overheat. CPU comes with a normal fan which is not enough if you do video editing, rendering, gaming, and overclocking. Especially if you overclock your CPU, then you must have a good cooling system.

I have the i7 8700k processor. I do overclock a lot and generate a lot of heat. Thanks to Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler, this cooler is really awesome. This cooler keep my PC cool. So, if you are planning to buy or already have Intel i7 8700k or i9 9900k processor, then you must have the best CPU cooler. You can find out the best CPU cooler for i7 8700k and i9 9900k.

With Choose the best CPU cooler for your PC and ensure optimal maintenance of temperature. Buying CPU cooler is not just about purchasing something that fits within your budget. There are several other prerequisites that we are here to introduce you with –

Air coolers VS Liquid Coolers

Air cooling and liquid cooling are often compared with each other. Every cooling has its own personal drawback and benefits. Liquid cooling can help you to achieve a better temperature in comparison to air cooler. Also, they do not typically interrupt the workability of other components like motherboard; memory adds a CPU socket. Somehow, they require more maintenance and can end up leaking at any point in time. Talking about the air cooler, they are better performing and last longer.


Budget is definitely the priority point for every buyer. If you are planning to upgrade your CPU, pick up a cooler that doesn’t have to empty your pocket and works properly.

If you have a high budget, go for a CPU cooler that can be separately purchased. Boxed coolers are somewhat noisy and do not work in case of overclocking.

TDP rating

TDP stands for thermal design power which refers to the maximum amount of heat dissipation a component has. While you place an order for the CPU cooler, choose the one with the highest TDP rating so that it can provide maximum cooling to the system. Also, you can compare the TDP ratings of your CPU and cooler from the manufacturer’s website for an optimal purchase.

CPU Socket

Certain CPU cooler are made to fit only in particular CPU socket. Therefore, avoid purchasing search product and go for a CPU cooler that can fit in any random CPU socket. Ensuring that the CPU cooler you purchase is compatible with the processor or motherboard is highly important.

The overall height of the CPU cooler should not be very high point it must perfectly fit within the CPU socket without creating any issues. Check out the height of your CPU cooler and compare it with the specification sheet of the CPU for avoiding time and money wastage.

In case the purchased cooler in highly bulky, it might end up interfering with the motherboard and other components.

Sound level

Coolers having largest fan are comparatively quieter than the ones with smaller fans. Larger fans do not spin fast and provide adequate cooling. Choose the coolers with multiple fans that spin at lower speed point this shall keep the system cool without creating much noise.

Final Word

There are lot many factors that depend upon choosing the best CPU cooler for the PC. If you cannot find the component with correct configuration, get in touch with the experts or simply go through the CPU cooler buying guide once again.


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