All You Need To Know About Telegram Payment Chatbots

Telegram is instant messaging service which is cloud-based, as you all know. It is a non-profit service. Now, you can even accept payments via Telegram Payment Chatbots.

In this article, I will share with you the exact steps of the processes. I will give you valuable insight on the feature to help you out.

How Does this work?:

You will find that as a user, the feature is so easy to use. The feature lets merchant bots to send invoice messages that are specially formatted to the customers. Now, these messages contain product description and image. Also, there is also a Pay button adequately visible. Once a user presses the button, a special payment interface opens in the app. Next, the user needs to give details such as email address, phone number, shipping information, and so on.

On the next step, these details go to the merchant bot. Depending on the address, they offer various options for shipping. Afterward, the user will choose their saved cards, or enter a new credit card details for payment. When the transaction is complete, the merchant bot sends a receipt message with payment details, shipping, and delivery information.

The telegram app supports Android Pay and Apple Pay as well.

How do you process payments?

Telegram depends on several payment providers around the world to process payment.They are responsible for all the storing and handling of sensitive information such as credit card details. Telegram or the bot developers have no part to play in it. Furthermore, Telegram supports payments from over 200 different countries as of now. The payment providers they work with at present are Payme, CLICK, Stripe, Paymentwall, Rave by Flutterwave, Sberbank, and Yandex.Money. Telegram has told they would work with many more payment providers in the coming days.

How do I join as a payment provider?:

To join as a payment provider, you would have to work somewhere that provides services same to standalone accounts in Stripe Connect. Now, if you do, then you can inform Telegram via @BotSupport. However, keep in mind to include the hashtag #paymentsprovider in the message.

How much do you charge?:

You do not need to pay any commission charges to Telegram to use the Payments API. However, almost every payment provider charge their own commission. Such as Stripe charges 2.9%+ 30 cents for every successful card charge in the USA.

How are disputes handled?:

To understand this point, you need to understand how Telegram works. They act as a messenger between the bot developer, the user who is paying, and their selected payment system. The credit card details the user gives goes straight to the payment system. Next, the payment system sends their response along with the shipping information of the user to bot developer. This helps to process the order.

Now, as Telegram does not process any payments, they do not store or handle any sensitive data as well. As a result, Telegram cannot handle any disputes or cash back. Any complaint that arises has to be settled between users, bot developers, and participating banks.

This is everything you need to know about the Telegram Payments Chatbots. If you have farther questions, or if you want me to talk about something else, do let me know in the comments section below.


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