Best Android Battery Saver App in 2018

Having a strong battery backup support in an Android gadget is a must. Particularly with the low-cost internet, the usability of Smartphones has increased manifold. Therefore, the battery backup should be supported better for longer usage hours. In case your battery gets drained faster and takes much time in getting charged, we have brought the best applications for battery saving that can considerably help you.

List of Top 7 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android 2018

1. Battery Doctor –

With decent functionality and proper control, battery doctor is one of the oldest existing battery saving app available on Play Store. You can download it for free and forget about slow charging of your gadget. The application alone support more than 28 languages and comes up with a user-friendly interface. With a single finger tap, you can customize the application for monitoring the battery condition after graduate. It comes up with multiple power saving mode, brightness control and ceasing the unimportant applications.

2. DU Battery Saver –

After gaining the trust of more than 400 million users, DU Battery Saver is supported for both Android and IOS versions. It automatically detects the applications which drain your battery power and fixes the problem intelligently. Choose the advanced mode for fine tuning the problematic applications. Your phone would certainly become cooler when inactive applications are automatically shut down. DU Battery Saver customizes Wi-Fi, data, brightness and sound level for saving your battery against unrequired drainage.

3. Battery HD –

Once you download battery HD application from Google Play Store, you will not be required to worry about unnecessary battery drainage and lower battery signals popping up quite often. You can run the calibration test for finding out the precise workability of this application.

4. Accu battery –

Designed for keeping the battery life and providing better health to your phone, Accu battery enhances the total capacity of an Android gadget by making it up to 200% more efficient. Choose the change alarm feature form finding out how much battery power is exactly left. The smart application measures the battery usage by keeping the user informed about everything. It informs the battery consumed by different applications so that you can customize things for better battery backup. The exceptional features of the application allow you to know how much battery capacity is actually left. You can check out the discharge speed and remain to charge time to know the exact status of the battery level.

5.¬†Power Battery –

The professional battery saving application can enhance the battery capacity by up to 60%. It looks after running applications and customizes power saving mode for longer battery timespan. Power battery detects the applications that drain the power of a gadget and result in high battery consumption. With one tax saving mode, you can manage the junk files and clean unnecessary data by extending the power of your smartphone.

6. GSaM Battery Monitor –

Another popular battery saving app that allows you to use your smartphone longer is Gsam Battery Monitor. You can use the information for enhancing the battery life. The latest version requires your Android set to be rooted for downloading the application.

7. Greenify –

Greenify minus one of the finest battery saving application available on play store is particularly identified through the green leaf signal. It is available for $ 2.99 which optional donate version. The battery saver works on the latest operating system. It works better once you root your gadget. The application hibernates all the inactive applications for preventing any lagging in your gadget. It also saves CPU heating up or accesses piling up of Ram. Greenify is meant for both IOS and Android operating systems with more than 50 million installations so far.


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