Beginner tips to use Instagram for more reach!

Beginner tips to use Instagram

On Instagram app everyone can uploads his photographed food!” Really? But not really. The topics are broad, you just have to find the right community for you, or build one yourself. As with any social network, time takes time and cannot be done on the side. But it’s worth it – because…

Instagram users are…

  • Active,
  • Receptive,
  • Personal,
  • More recommendable and
  • Positive

As the users are on Facebook. Sure, not every company has its own Instagram account, not everyone has the time and desire to constantly produce photos. Then concentrate on another social network.

For all the others, I have summarized my very own 13 tips. 13 things I would like to know from the beginning and help anyone who wonders:  How do I build a community on Instagram? I know both sides: the private and the professional.

Private or public profile?

On Instagram, you can choose to create your profile publicly or privately. You can also change it at any time. Private means: Only people you confirm as a contact will see your pictures. Public means anyone can see your pictures. My experience: I almost never follow private profiles because I cannot see what kind of pictures this person is posting.

  • Do I like the pictures?
  • Do I like the topics for which this person posts pictures?
  • Does the profile interest me at all?

Private profiles are therefore only suitable if you share private (children) pictures or you would generally like to have only selected friends as followers. If you want more engagement on your Instagram account then you need to increase your Instagram followers eight you buy real Instagram followers or gain them with good strategies.

2nd topics: One or more?

It has been proven that single-topic accounts work better than a “cabbage-beet account”. Such specialized profiles often also show a rapid increase in followers.

Some examples of trendy topics

  • Interior / scandinavian interior
  • Diy
  • Fitness
  • (vegan) food
  • Quotes
  • Gardening
  • Fashion
  • Selfies
  • To travel
  • Motivation

Image editing & style

Which filter should you use? Clearly: best of all NO. The time for Instagram filtering is definitely over. It is better to edit the images using the “Functions” button, for example Brightness, Picture, Contrast and Sharpness to optimize.

In general, the pictures should all be kept in the same style. So your profile is consistent and potential followers recognize subconsciously, that here are all pictures of you. Even if you participate in challenges (see more below), be sure to pick a repost image that matches the style of your profile. If a picture is bad, out of focus or underexposed, do not post it. Even a few bad pictures give the impression that only someone is posting quick snapshots here. And the majority does not want to see such loveless pictures.

  • Excludes fewer people.
  • The target group gets bigger.
  • You often get more likes.
  • You get more comments from around the world.

If you only post images on a non-regionally restricted topic, you can also win significantly more followers here. For who follows someone whose posts cannot be read?

Reaching International & Regional Followers – Just How?

On the other hand, if you would like to push your own blog posts with the Instagram profile or post your sayings as an image, then these are most likely in German, here make a contribution to English or English hashtags little sense. Of course you can also post bilingual, as long as the pictures show nothing German. That can work well too. Just test it and see what works better.


Howdy, My name is Shubha a blogger, Writer, Web designer, and tech enthusiast. I am an Electrical engineer by education and a blogger, digital marketer by profession.

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titanium tv - August 24, 2019

i am using it since 3 years and now a days movies are posting in it.


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